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Music studio in Copenhagen, located in an old villa, close to metro, bus, and s-train, TAPF is the ideal place for producing, mixing and recording music when quality and stone cold creativity is of highest priority.

Owner and resident engineer and producer Peter Sloth provide mixing and production services only matched by few selected regional and international technicians and will make your project stand out in whatever field or genre you may roam. Always on the lookout for new artist-collaborations, upcoming bands, mixing customers and to-be music students, please throw Peter and TAPF a mail using the contact information or online form in the bottom of this webpage.

Welcome to TAPF


Rising Katinka Jooks Folkeklubben Scarlet Pleasure Freja Kirk Fribytterdrømme Suspekt Linkoban Àsgeir (IS) Essence Felines Aksglæde Papir Mathilde Falch Sun Kil Moon (US)

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In TAPF we swear by freshly serviced vintage equipment and favor the classic English mixing console sound along with German golden age tube microphones. The old and classic instruments, effects and amplifiers are what keeps new songs timeless. Recorded digitally to keep things simple Peter tries the best he can to avoid old junk getting in the way of our combined creativity.

The studio is based around an SSL 4040E desk with a 64 in/out ProTools HD system. Almost every mix from Peters' hand are finalized using our state-of-the-art analog console, but we also employ a vast selection of plugins and midi-instruments, thus covering all 360 degrees of modern high-end music production.

Superb acoustics is provided throughout the entire studio and a huge Tannoy main monitor system will shake your socks off. Our mic locker is full of the finest pieces made to date including the vintage Neumann M49b, M269c, KM56c microphones. Backline includes guitars, drums, upright piano, tape echoes, vintage synths as well as boutique guitar amps and effects.

If you want to get even more technical, you can download our full technical specification HERE

Peter Sloth

A man with the passion for creating modern music supposed to last for generations, Peter is an energetic, passionate and open-minded producer, engineer and teacher. His passion for achieving the goals of his artist and mixing cliensts is on top of his mind. Guiding and challenging the artist is of the highest importance when striving for perfection.

Peter do day to day recording, digital and analog mixing, from-scratch productions of singles as well as full-length albums for artists and bands. The specialty is music which encapsulates both the past and the future, fusing analog and digital elements thus creating timeless yet progressive music creations to last. Also, Peter is a teacher of music production, music recording, mixing and the art of unleashing your creativity to the recorded format.

Peter has a lot of experience from crafting music with well known, as well as upcoming artists. No project is too small or too big, he will gladly hear from you.


Please do not hesitate to contact Peter, regarding demos, proposed collaborations, technical questions or anything else.